Plan of Dive Station 8
Hull frames

Station 8

Hull timbers at dive station 8
Hull timbers at dive station 8. Tap or click to enlarge.

Turn so that you are facing south. In front of you are the timbers of the hull. You should also be able to see several copper fastening bolts similar to those you saw at the last station. If you look carefully at the outside of the hull (outer planking) you should be able to see some of the copper sheathing which covered the hull below the water line.

The photograph here shows you roughly what the hull timbers look like at this point (looking east). On the left is the outer hull planking. In the middle, the large square timbers are the frames of the ship. On the right hand side is the inner planking. If you look carefully you should be able to see the joins in the planking. Again you will notice how the timbers are being attacked by wood boring organisms – sometimes called gribble.


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