Plan of Dive Station 9
Rudder gudgeon

Station 9

A similar ship shows the position of the rudder gudgeon (arrowed)
The position of the rudder gudgeon on a similar ship (arrowed). Tap or click to enlarge.

Here you can see part of the stern post of the ship. The large iron object on top of the timber is one of the rudder gudgeons, an iron strap used to attach the rudder to the hull (the gudgeons attach to the hull and the pintols attach to the rudder). The hole in the centre of the gudgeon is where the rudder pivoted on the pintol pin. Colossus lost her rudder when she first grounded some distance to the west of where you are now.

This photograph of the stern of a model of a similar ship shows the position of the rudder gudgeon (arrowed).

Station 9 is the final station on our tour of the wreck. Follow the compass pointer to arrive back at station 1 and the seabed sign – where you started this tour. There you will find a lead-line heading to the south-east which will take you to station 10.


The video below shows returning to dive station 1.

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