This project was commissioned by Historic England.

CISMAS Colossus Survey Team

Sharon Austin Peter Holt Phil Rees
Bill Bowen John Macken Brendon Rowe
Helen Butcher Naya Markoulaki Jo Sodergren
Kevin Camidge Lisa Martin Nick Sodergren
Jezz Davies Innes McCartney Shelly Tasker
Jeff Dicker Kerry McFarland Honor Thorley
Andrew Earle Peter Menear Janet Witheridge
Andy Grant Adam Partington Robin Witheridge
Claire Halibone Luke Randall

Assisted CISMAS with this Project

Mags Felter, Richard Larn, Sean Lewis, David McBride, Ian Panter, Dave & Jo Williams

Virtual Dive Trail

The Virtual Dive Trail model and website were created by Kevin Camidge and Tom Goskar. The 3D model is kindly hosted by Sketchfab.