Plan of Dive Station 4
Upper deck gun port

Station 4

About two metres to the north of station 4 you will find an empty gun port. This gives a clear idea of what the gun ports looked like. Remember you are looking at the inside of the gun port. Notice the corroded iron ring bolts at the side of the gun port, which would have been used to secure the gun carriage to the side of the ship. If you look closely at the timber on the seabed, you will see the tunnels in the timber created by the wood-boring organisms which are attacking the hull timbers.

Drawing of how the guns were positioned within the ship

Three metres to the west of station 4 you will find another of the upstanding eighteen-pound guns. If you look carefully you will see a number of iron bolts attached to the barrel of the gun. These are the iron fastenings which held the wooden gun carriage together. The timber of the carriage has now decayed, leaving only the iron fastenings.


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